World’s top 2 most potent strains – Trans Envy and Psilocybe Tampanensis 4 pack special for only $29.95



Amazonian and Hawaiian Magic Mushroom spore syringe 4 pack special for only $29.95!  That’s right, get both of the world’s most popular Psilocybe cubensis strains on earth for less than 30 bucks!   Try and find an offer like this anywhere else on the web!  All our spore syringes are tested under the scope to ensure they are packed with healthy spores!   We offer fast, discreet, same day worldwide shipping and accept most forms of payment including Bitcoin.    This is a limited-time-only offer, order as many as you like, and happy growing!


You get:

  • (2) Trans Envy 12cc spore syringes
  • (2) Psilocybe Tampanensis 12cc spore syringes
  • (4) 18-gauge sterile needles
  • (4) Alcohol Pads
  • Tamperproof holographic container
  • 24K Gold Infusion
  • Free surprise gift!


Trans Envy characteristics


Trans Envy Magic Mushroom, this strain was developed by accident. Spawn from two separate mushrooms were inadvertently mixed in the same fruiting chamber — South African Transkei and Penis Envy. Some distinctly different mushrooms were found fruiting in the resulting mixture, which was then isolated and renamed Trans Envy. This strain has features of both mushrooms — thicker stems and increased potency from P.E. and larger mushroom size from Transkei.


Quick reference chart


Potency Very Potent
Cultivation Easy
Species Psilocybe cubensis


Psilocybe Tampanensis characteristics


Psilocybe Tampanensis Magic Mushroom, Psilocybe tampanensis is a very rare psychedelic mushroom in the family Hymenogastraceae. Originally collected in the wild in a sandy meadow near Tampa, Florida, in 1977, the fungus would not be found in Florida again until 44 years later. The original Florida specimen was cloned, and descendants remain in wide circulation. The fruit bodies (mushrooms) produced by the fungus are yellowish-brown in color with convex to conic caps up to 2.4 cm (0.9 in) in diameter atop a thin stem up to 6 cm (2.4 in) long. Psilocybe tampanensis forms psychoactive truffle-like sclerotia that are known and sold under the nickname “philosopher’s stones”. The fruit bodies and sclerotia are consumed by some for recreational or entheogenic purposes. In nature, sclerotia are produced by the fungus as a rare form of protection from wildfires and other natural disasters.  Psilocybe tampanensis’ caps are usually convex with a slight nipple-like structure at the center. As the shroom ages, the cap expands to 2.4cm. It also changes colors depending on the amount of water it contains. Fresh, hydrated shrooms are ochraceous brown to buff and sticky. Dried shrooms become yellowish-grey when dry with slight, bluish tones at the edges. 


More information on Psilocybe Tampanensi


Quick reference chart


Potency Potent
Cultivation Intermediate
Species Psilocybe cubensis


Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in

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